Necklace of Lights

Lake Merritt, known as the "Jewel of Oakland," spans 155 acres in downtown Oakland, CA. Surrounded by parks and neighborhoods, Lake Merritt is a popular attraction for residents and visitors. From dusk to dawn, the Necklace of Lights continues to create an inviting atmosphere where thousands of people enjoy boating, sailing, walking, jogging, biking, strolling, and gondola rides. In 1925, the "Necklace of Lights," stretching 3.4 miles and featuring 126 lampposts and more than 4,000 lightbulbs, first illuminated the lake. The lights went dark in 1941 to comply with World War II blackout conditions. After a decade-long campaign by the Lake Merritt Breakfast Club and the Lake Merritt Breakfast Club Charitable Foundation to relight the lake, the Necklace of Lights was once again illuminated in 1985.

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